Citizen Charter

Delhi Transport Corporation

Citizen Charter

This Charter sets out our commitment to provide a  convenient, comfortable, regular, punctual, efficient, safe, reliable and  eco-friendly bus transit system at reasonable prices benefiting the National  Capital. 
The aim is to establish an effective & active interface  with the commuters to evaluate our performance against their expectations and  take appropriate remedial measures to provide them the best possible service.

The Commuters are at the focal point of this Charter and  their maximum satisfaction is the main strategic thrust.


We aim to make our services reliable by way of ensuring  their punctuality. We also aim at minimizing the waiting time of the commuters  at the bus stands by way of maintaing frequency on different routes as against  the actual demand. The Corporate office of the Corporation is Traffic  Department, Scindia House, Telephone No.23752769-75.


We are always keen to imbibe the latest technological  advancements indigenously & globally available in Bus Body Designs, Engine  Equipment, Technology, Systems etc. so as to be able to provide the commuters a  comfortable & efficient Bus Service.

DTC is the First Transport in the country to have inducted  the CNG Buses in its City Fleet. Not only that, having replaced its entire City  Fleet with the CNG buses, the Corporation is the World's Largest Eco-friendly  CNG Fleet Operator and, thus, has the pride of its active contribution towards  cleaning up the environment of the City.

The Corporation has a full-fledged Pollution Control Cell  which is entirely dedicated to ensure that its buses plying on the roads do not  emit pollution. The buses those found emitting excess smoke are immediately  withdrawn from the road & put back only after necessary rectifications. The  telephone number of Pollution Cell has been displayed in all DTC Buses.  Any complaint/report about DTC buses found  emitting excess smoke may be telephonically lodged with the Pollution Control  Cell at Telephone No.26811540.


  • Special  Hire Service: -Apart from the normal  services, the Corporation also provides buses to the Citizen of Delhi on  Special Hire for Seminars, functions etc. 

The booking of low floor buses (A.C. & Non- A.C. has been stopped for  marriage related functions only, not for other purposes.  Besides, the booking of Spl. Hire bues is  done at corporate level i.e. Sc.House only, not at depots level.

Office to approach:-

DTC office at Sc.House, Phone No.23752770.

Prescribed rates for spl. Hire services:-


Standard Floor buses  (Rs.)

S.No. Particulars Standard Floor buses(Rs.) Low Floor Non A.C.  Buses  (Rs.) Low Floor AC  buses (Rs.)
1. Minimum charges per  bus per day Rs.2000/- (excluding  destination charges) Rs.3000/- (excluding  destination charges) Rs.8000/- (excluding  destination charges)
2. Charges per Km.  (Garage to Garage) 40/- 60/- 75/-
3. Destination charges  per hour 250/- 400/- 800/-
4. Night Charges per bus  per night (between 2300 hours to 0400 hrs) 250/- 400/- 600/-
5. Minimum cancellation  charges per bus 500/- 750/- 1000/-
6. Services charges as  applicable      


  • School Bus Service: - The school bus service of the Corporation is preferred the most by the parents of school as well as parents of school going children being the safest mode of transport. The Corporation provides the buses to schools within the territory of Delhi on Special Hire.
    • Free/Concessional Passes: - DTC also offers Free Passes to different categories of disabled persons (like blindness, low vision, leprosy cured, hearing impairment, locomotor disability, mental retardation, mental illness) , war-widows & their dependents, eminent sport personalities, Freedom Fighters etc. and concessional Passes to various categories of commuters viz. Students, Senior Citizens, Family members of BPL/AAY Card holder , Journalists, etc. 


  • To meet the transport requirement of the people, DTC has the target fleet of 5500 CNG buses
  • To diversity & introduce a variety of services to specific needs of different segment of society. AC, Non-AC and Standard floor buses have been provided to commutes of Delhi.
  • To equip all its buses with GPS based Automatic Vehicle Tracking System in order to optimize bus availability through realistic scheduling, facilitate quick replacement of buses (in case of break-down enroute) and provide immediate help to the crew/commuters in case of an accident by an Ambulance (Stationed at Road Safety Cell, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi). Automatic Vehicle Tracking System has already been fitted on a large number of buses on experimental basis. AVTS, through Satellite Aided Monitoring, help in ensuring that the buses strictly adhere to their schedule & are stopped properly on bus-stands by the crew.
  • To equip all DTC buses with Speed Control Governors to make travelling safer for commuters & other road users.
  • To give the city a better look, the Corporation has constructed Bus Queue Shelters of New Design all over the City. Further, DTC Terminals, Time-Keeper Booths & other DTC establishments too are in the process of renovation.

CUSTOMER INFORMATION In order to ensure easy accessibility of the information of the commuters' use, the following facilities have been made available: -

  • Route Maps are available at all pass sections for sale to the Commuters.
  • Route/Time-tables: Displayed at Important Points/Terminals and time keeping booths.
  • "Time Keeping-cum-Enquiry Booths": Manned with knowledgeable staff at bus Terminals to redress the problems of commuters on the spot.
  • Complaint/Suggestion Book: The commuters may ask the bus conductor for the same to record their complaints/suggestions, if any.
  • Central Control Room: Functions round the clock at Millennium Depot Complex. Commuters may dial 23370209, 23370210, and 23370217 to 19 to have any information about DTC services.
  • DTC Call Center : Commuters can have any information about DTC's Operation from DTC's Call Center at Scindia House by dialing Telephone No. 23317600.
  • DTC Website: The Website of the Corporation all vital information about its activities.
  • Central Complaint Cell: The Commuters may lodge their complaints/grievances on Telephone No.1800118181, 8744073248, 23370373, 23370374.


With  a view to do away with the difficulties being faced by the commuters in getting  their passes made/renewed, the Corporation has computerized its pass sections.  Now, the commuters are no more required to  stand in the  long queues outside the  pass sections for the purpose. The networking of all DTC Pass Section too is in  progress. To facilitate the regular commuters of satellite-towns also, DTC is  providing concessional bus pass. The Corporation has computerized pass sections  at the following places: -


Scindia House Central Secretariat Sarojini Nagar Depot Hauz Khas Terminal
Nand Nagari Shahdara Terminal Delhi Gate Nehru Place
Timar Pur Kashmere Gate Red Fort Azad Pur Terml.
Peera Garhi Depot Raja Garden Terml. Wazir Pur Depot Shadi Pur Depot
Lajpat Nagar Uttam Nagar Terml. Mehrauli Terminal Najafgarh Trml.
Hari Nagar Depot-I Mangol Puri S BLK Hasan Pur Depot South Campus
Jamia Milia Islamia (University) North Campus Karol Bagh Terminal Kanjhawala Depot
Bawana Depot JNU Burari
Alipur (SSNC) Seema Puri Depot IGI Airport Terml. Dawarka Depot-II
Babar Pur Tarminal Narela Terminal Sultan Puri Rohini (Trml)  Sector 22

Pass Section at Jheel (East Delhi)  is the only pass section which is manually working.


Category Monthly Charges Requirements Period of Issue Pass
Students Destination  & All Route Pass (Ordinary) (Non AC) Rs.  100/- The Form duly filled & a photo  --both attested by the institution authorities, valid ID Card and the fee receipt  issued by the Institution Same Day
All  Route (Special) (Non AC) Rs.150/- Same Day
BPL/AAY  Family member All  Route (Non AC) R.500/- BPL/AAY  Certification/ i.e. Food Security card AAY/PR-S Cards documentation issued by competent authority of GNCTD. Same Day
General  Public All  Route Pass (Non AC) City service Rs.  800/- No  document required. Same Day
ALL Route Pass AC (City Service) Rs.1000/- Same Day
Interstate (NCR) Passes on  non AC Buses   Same Day
Delhi  - GGN Rs. 1500/- Same Day
Delhi - Bahadurgarh Rs. 1160/- Same Day
Delhi - Faribabd Rs. 1800/- Same Day
Delhi - Ghaziabad Rs. 1640/- Same Day
Media  Persons All  Route ( Non AC) Rs.  100/- Accredition Card issued by Press  Information Bureau (PIB) or Directorate of Information & Publicity  (DIP). Besides all City Service  Buses, also valid in the DTC buses bound for Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Faridabad,  Bahadur Garh and Greater Noida. Same Day
All  Route (AC) Rs.  200/- Same Day
Senior  Citizen (60 Years & above) All  Route (Non AC) Rs.  50/- Residence proof (such as Ration  Card, Election ID Card, Aadhar Card, PassPort) any one for Age proof  Passport/ School Certificate/ Driving License/ Pension Book, Radiological  Report, Birth Certificate, PAN Card. (Any one) Same Day
All  Route (AC) Rs.  150/- Same Day
Other  Disabled Persons All  Route (AC/Non AC) Free Valid proof of Residence in Delhi,  I.D. Card issued by the SDM, Disability Certificate issued by a Govt.  Hospital. {Deaf & Dumb (60 decibel), Blinds (1/60  to 6/60 -- both eyes) and Physically Handicapped (40% or above) only are  entitled. One escort is allowed to travel free with the blind disability Should be defined is person with disabilities Act ,1995 Same Day
Blind  Disabled Persons All  Route  Non AC in NCTD and NCR in satellite towns (issued to blind persons  only) RS. 50 Same Day
Mentally  Retarded and Mentally ill Persons All  Route (AC/Non AC)along with one attendant Free Valid proof of Residence in Delhi  , I.D. Card issued by the SDM, Disability Certificate issued by a Govt.  Hospital. Disability should be as defined in Persons Disabled Act, 1995. Same Day
Freedom  Fighters All  Route (Non AC City & Inter State) along with one attendant Free Pension Payment Order, for  receipant of pension under "Swatantra Sainik Samman" Scheme, Bank  Certificate and Valid Proof of Residence in Delhi. Same Day
War-  widows & dependents All  Route (Non AC) Free Certificate issued by Ministry of  Defence & valid proof of residence in Delhi. (War-widows/dependents children of the martyrs of 1962, 1965  & 1971 War only are entitled). Same Day
National  Award Winners All  Route (Non AC) Free Certificate of Award, valid proof  of residence in Delhi. (Valid  for Bharat Ratan, Padam Bhushan, Padam Vibhushan & Padam Shree only are  entitled). Same Day
International  Sports Persons All  Route (Non AC) Free Certificate issued by Sports  Authority of India and host country for representing India in any event in  Asian & Olympic games. Valid proof of residence in Delhi. Same Day
MP / MLA with attendant All  Route (AC/Non AC) Free MP / MLA Identity Card. Same Day

The pass seekers of all above categories are required to pay a sum of Rs. 15/-  for ID Card.

Important telephone numbers are given hereunder for use by  the commuters in connection with the redressal of their grievances: -

Name and Designation Office Phone No.
Secretary-cum-Commissioner  (Transport) Office at 5/9 Under Hill Road,  Transport Department, GNCTD 23933829
D.T.C. Headquarters EPBX Numbers   23370236, 23370715, 23370519,  23370453, 23370078, 23370464, 23370359, 23370446, 23370460, 23379564,  23379568
D.T.C. Central complaint Cell  Numbers   1800118181  (Toll Free), 41400400 (PRI Line), 23370373, 23370374
Chairman –CUM- Managing Director Office at DTC HQ, I.P.Estate 23379075 43508623
OSD to CMD Office at DTC HQ, I.P.Estate 43508653
Chief  Vigilance Officer Office at DTC HQ, I.P.Estate 23379368,  43508641 23370236
Chief General Manager (Admn.) Office at DTC HQ, I.P.Estate 43508625, 23370236
Financial Advisor & CAO Office at DTC HQ, I.P.Estate 43508625, 23370244 23370236
Chief General Manager (IR)/ First  Appellate Authority under RTI Office at DTCScindia House 23752764, 23752769
Chief General Manager(Personnel) Office at DTC HQ, I.P.Estate 43508625, 23378875 Tele fax
CGM (Traffic) Office at Scindia House 23752764, 23752769 to 75
Chief General Manager(Technical) Office at DTC HQ, I.P. Estate 43508627, 23370236
CGM (IT) Office at DTC HQ, I.P.Estate 23378856, 23370236
Chief General Manager(SBU) Office at DTC SBU, Hauz Khas Bus  Terminal 26511700 26511701 26511723  26511748 26511751
Secy. DTC Board Office at DTC HQ, I.P.Estate 43508653, 23370236
Dy. Chief General Manager (Tr.) Sc.House Office at Sc. House,  23353618, 23752769
Dy. Chief General Manager  (R&D) Office at DTC HQ. I.P. Estate 27650325, 27650438
Dy.CGM(MS-I) Office at DTC BBM Complex 27654150 27650325
Dy.CGM(MS-II) Office at DTC Central Workshop-II,  Okhla 26810121 26811540 26811528
Dy.CGM(IR) Office at DTC HQ, I.P. Estate 43508638, 23370236
Dy. Chief General Manager (Law) Office at I.P.Depot 43508652, 23370236
Dy. Chief General Manager (Mech.) Office at CWS-II, Okhla 27654150, 27650325
Dy. Chief General  Manager(Security) Office at DTC HQ, I.P.Estate 43508647, 23370236
Dy.  Chief General Manager (SBU)  Office at SBU Hauz Khas 26511699
Addl. CAO-I Office at DTC HQ, I.P.Estate 43508629, 23370236
Addl. CAO-II Office at DTC HQ, I.P.Estate 43508645, 23370236
Dy.  Chief General Manager (Public Relations) Office at DTC HQ, I.P. Estate 43508638
Public Information Officer (PIO)  HQ Office at Scindia House 23752769 to 75 23320694 23752765
Vigilance Officer Office at DTC HQ, I.P. Estate 43508646 23370236
Information Technology Core Group
Dy. Chief General Manager(IT)-I Office at DTC HQ, I.P.Estate 43508651
Dy. Chief General Manager(IT)-II Office at DTC HQ, I.P.Estate 43508624,

Regional Managers

Regional Manager (East) Office at Nand Nagari Depot  22599157
Regional Manager (South) Office at Vasant Vihar Depot   26152639
Regional Manager (West)  Office at Mayapuri Depot  28113525
Regional Manager (North)   Office at Subash Place Depot  27198567

Control Rooms

Control Room  Tel  No.
Central  Control Room 23370209,  23370210
East  Control Room 22593553
West  Control Room 25871250
North  Control Room 27199807
South  Control Room 26119081

We also  conduct Delhi Sight Seeing Tours (Delhi Darshan) daily with AC Bus from Scindia  House.  The fare is Rs.200/- for adult  and Rs.100/- for the children between the age of 5- 12 years.  However, the children are not entitled for  set in the bus.  The Delhi Darshan ticket  remains valid in all City Services on the pattern of DTC Daily Ticket.  The time of journey is from 0915 to 17.45  hrs.

The Tourist  bus starts from DTC Office Scindia House then pick-up tourists from Information  Kiosk of Delhi Tourism Baba Kharak Singh Marg and thereafter from ITDC Office  at Janpath for onward journey to the tourist places as per the following  program.

Visiting Place

S.No. Visiting Place Halting Time
1. Red Fort 45 minutes
2. Raj Ghat (India Gate by Pass) 20 minutes
3. Birla Mandir 30 minutes
4. Qutab Minar 45 minutes
5. Lotus Temple 45 minutes
6. Humanyun’s Tomb 45 minutes
7. Akshardham Temple (Swami 
  Narain Temple)
Dropping only

The following  route is followed for site seeing Tour:-
Delhi Gate,  Shanti Van, Tilak Marg, Akbar Road, Sansad Marg, Shanti Path, Siri Aurbindo  Marg, Press Enclave Road, Outer Ring Road (Nehru Place), Modi Floor Mill, Ring  Road Mathura Road, Lodhi Road, Pragati Maidan, Nizamuddin Yamuna Bridge, Laxmi  Nagar, DDU Marg & Connaught Place. 

Note:- For Reservation and Enquiry, please contact on phone No.2375769-75 Extn.244, Delhi  Darshan counter, Scindia House, Connaught Place.

Citizen  (Public) Greivances Redressal Mechanism

  • It  is also added that HODs of DTC hear the grievances of citizens/ public from  11.00 to 13.00 hrs. Daily and in their absence, next subordinate officer hears  the grievances and take appropriate action.
  • A  complaint cell is set up in Central Control Room, Millennium Depot complex, New  Delhi in which the complaints/grievances of public are being lodged/ registered  round the clock.  After receiving the  complains, necessary action is taken and intimated to the complains/aggrieved. 
  • For  attaining grievances/ complaints registered at PGCRAMS and NHRC, a Nodal  Officer has been nominated who receives the public grievances/ complaints and  forward it to the concerned departments for getting reply within prescribed  time limit. 

Last Update Date :- 14-03-2018

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