List of PIOs and APIOs of RTI

Name, Designation & Other particulars of Public Information Officers (Section 4(1)(b)(xvi), List of Asstt. Public Information Officers and First Appellate Authority within the Department

S.No. Designation of the officer designated as PIO Postal Address Telephone No. Demarcation of
if more than one 
PIO is there
1. Dy. CGM (Publicity)
DTC Office, Scindia 
House, Connaught Place, 
New Delhi-1
23320694, 23752769 Extension No. 227 DTC HQ
2. Dy. CGM (Tr) DTC Office, Scindia 
House, Connaught Place, 
New Delhi-1
23752769-75  Extension No. 202  Traffic Department, 
Scindia House.
3. Dy. CGM (MS-I & II) DTC BBM Complex,
New Delhi.
27654150 MS-I, BBM Complex.
4. Regional Manager
DTC, Nand Nagri
22599157 DTC East 
5. Regional Manager
DTC, Maya Puri Depot, New Delhi. 28113525  DTC West 
6. Regional Manager
DTC, Wazirpur, 
New Delhi.
27198567 DTC North
7. Regional Manager
DTC, Vasant Vihar 
Depot., New Delhi.
26152639 DTC, South



Designation of the officer designated as APIO

Postal Address Telephone No.
1. Depot Manager G.T. Karnal Road, 
New Delhi
2. Depot Manager DTC, Bawana, 
New Delhi.
3. Depot Manager DTC, Dichaon Kalan Depot, New Delhi 25323312
4. Depot Manager   DTC, Nangoloi Depot, New Delhi. 25472543
5. Depot Manager   DTC, Hari Nagar Depot-I, New Delhi 25573310
6. Depot Manager   DTC, Hari Nagar Depot-II, New Delhi 25573310
7. Depot Manager   DTC, Hari Nagar Depot-III, New Delhi 25573301
8. Depot Manager   DTC, Keshopur Depot, New Delhi 28333054 
9. Depot Manager DTC, Mayapuri Depot, New Delhi 28115458
10 Depot Manager DTC, Naraina Depot, 
New Delhi
11. Depot Manager   DTC, Kalkaji Depot, 
New Delhi.
12. Depot Manager DTC, Sriniwaspuri Depot, New Delhi. 26915268
13. Depot Manager DTC, Sarojini Nagar Depot, New Delhi. 26119080
14. Depot Manager   DTC, Sukhdev Vihar Depot, New Delhi. 26911228
15. Depot Manager   DTC, Vasant Vihar Depot, New Delhi. 26152573
16. Depot Manager   DTC, BBM Depot, 
BBM Marg, New Delhi.
17. Depot Manager   DTC, Rohini Depot-I, Rohini, New Delhi. 20876037
18 Depot Manager   DTC, Rohini Depot-II, Rohini,  New Delhi. 27571182
19. Depot Manager DTC, Rohini Depot-III, New Delhi. 27945113
20. Depot Manager DTC, Subhash Place Depot, Wazirpur, New Delhi. 27181370
21. Depot Manager DTC, Wazirpur Depot, New Delhi. 27182575
22. Depot Manager   DTC, I.P. Depot, 
I.P. Estate,  New Delhi.
23. Depot Manager   DTC Hasanpur Depot, New Delhi 22235416
24. Depot Manager DTC, Noida Depot,  Noida, Ghaziabad. 0120-2510104
25. Depot Manager DTC, Nand Nagri 
Depot, New Delhi.
26. Depot Manager DTC, Gazipur Depot,  New Delhi. 22232093 
27. Depot Manager   DTC, Ambedkar Nagar Depot,  New Delhi. 29967926
28. Depot Manager   DTC, Peeragarhi Depot, New Delhi. 25256533
29. Depot Manager   DTC, Shadipur Depot, New Delhi. 20838246
30. Depot Manager   DTC, Yamuna Vihar Depot, New Delhi.  22568091
31. Depot Manager   DTC, East Vinod Nagar Depot, New Delhi.  20824323
32. Depot Manager   DTC, Rajghat-I & II Depot, New Delhi.  23270717-I 23255058-II
33. Depot Manager DTC, Tehkhand Depot, New Delhi.  8744073267
34. Depot Manager DTC, Kanjhwala Depot, New Delhi.  259512552/48
35. Depot Manager DTC, Ghumanhera Depot, New Delhi.  8744073177
36. Depot Manager DTC, Dwarka Sector-8Depot, New Delhi.  25361346
37. Depot Manager DTC, Dwarka Sector-2 Depot,New Delhi.  28088076
38. Depot Manager DTC, Rohini-4 Depot, New Delhi. 27894845
39. Sr. Manager DTC Central Workshop-II Okhla Phase-1, New Delhi 26811524
40. Depot Manager  DTC, Narela Depot, New Delhi. 27784515
41. Dy Chief General Manager DTC CWS-I BBM Complex, New Delhi. 27654150



Design. Of the officer designated as first appellate authority

Postal Address Tel. No. e-mail address

Demarcation of Area/Activities,

if more than one appellate

authority is there.

1. Chief General Manager (Admin)  Office at DTC H.Q., I.P. Estate, New Delhi 23379368, 23370236 dcgmenquiry[at]dtc[dot]nic[dot]in DTC

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